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About Cotswold Gardens Ltd

Increase the function and value of your rear landscape the way you want it to be with Cotswold Gardens Ltd in Palos Hills, Illinois. As an experienced landscape contractor, I specialize in installing brick pavers, hardscapes, retaining walls, and water features. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, I take pride in creating luxury gardens and yards throughout Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs using my worldwide knowledge in designs, installations, and computer design systems. Ask about my reality 3D designs. My services are available in the entire Great Lakes Area.


One of my proudest accomplishments is that I have had the same crew and staff for more than 30 years. Be it Adan, Juan, Ruben on the installation crew, or Michaela adding her English gardening expertise into my designs. I have witnessed not only our expertise grow, but my employees lives too. I now employ their children and continue to expand our family.

Unilock Contractor

I am an authorized Unilock contractor. Recently, The Irish Consulate requested me to build a display for the 2015 Flower and Garden Show. I also have worked on many PGA™ golf courses: Cog Hill, Olympia Fields CC, Beverly CC, Itasca CC and top restaurants within the Chicagoland area: Harry Caray's, The Dawson, Topaz. i have hundreds of repeat customers and in 2012, I started the season by adding a patio to my first client's house. 27 years of friendship and loyalty.


I was born in Ireland and raised in Africa. I then attended school in the Cotswold region of England. Bespoke is our language, which means that every project is individualized to your desires and within your budget. I grew up repaving and updating Roman roads and drainage systems. Being college educated and a former college lecturer in land surveying ensures you an intellectual assessment of your needs.

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Humble Beginnings

Growing up in one of the most beautiful parts of the English countryside ( The Cotswolds ), I gained an advantage in the landscaping industry. Being a former college lecturer, it encouraged me to currently teach my fellow peers around America about historical stonework. My lessons include information about the construction technologies created by various ancient civilizations, such as the Roman empire. I recently walked from the West coast of Scotland to the East coat following the advancement of Roman settlements.

Passion for Knowledge

As a qualified land surveyor, I have studied the importance of the Galilean telescope, tracked the first boat ever to land in N.America in 1497 and also conducted a study on the sinking of Venice. Locally the answer to this problem of excessive water is installing a Permeable Paver system. 

Contact me today in Palos Hills, Illinois, to receive the highest quality service from a premier landscape contractor.


Contact us and ask about our 3D realistic design software that features the latest Unilock range of products. Our soft hands are here to assist you.