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Transform an ordinary outdoor space into a lovely extension of your indoor area with Cotswold Gardens Ltd in Palos Hills, Illinois. I offer you my global expertise in designing and installing your landscaping dreams and will  help you to have the best-looking softscapes, hardscapes, and water features for your garden. I take full responsibility for designing and installing the following: I also offer a lifetime warranty on our Hardscapes. Ask how and why?


• Brick Pavers • Retaining Walls • Natural Flagstones • Natural stone outcropping

Water Features:

• Ponds • Streams • Waterfalls, decks and pergolas.
Proper Process of Watering Plants

Like a lawn needs proper tending, plants also need proper watering. The amount of water for trees, shrubs, perennials, and sod varies. So does the amount of time needed for watering them, which is as follows:

• Trees—10 to 15 Minutes at the Base
• Shrubs—2 to 3 Minutes at the Base
• Perennials—Sprinkle Daily at the Base
• Sod—Twice a Day & 15 Minutes Each Cycle


Tips on Watering Plants

Aside from the time needed to water plants, the location where water should be directed at is also important for plant care, most especially for new plants. The tips on watering plants are:

• Water your plants from the base, not the top.
• Water your plants slowly twice a week in extreme heat.
   —Stress can dictate if more water is needed, especially during heat waves.
• Shower down all leaves lightly upon completion.
• for new sod, the soil underneath must be sloppy and wet. (Damp is not enough)

Brick Pavers
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